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Choosing the Right Commercial Space for your Business

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There are many considerations to navigate for a business owner when it comes to finding the perfect commercial space. For example, a martial arts academy may get the most bang for their buck (in terms of price per square foot), in an large industrial or flex type space away from urban centers; or they could land in a smaller commercial space with more visibility in a retail setting nestled in a shopping center or strip mall.

Finding the Right Property for a Martial Arts Business Meet Kirby Farrales, jiu-jitsu black belt and business owner that worked with the Bold Commercial Real Estate team to find the prime location for his business – an endcap retail unit in Governors Village with tons of windows to attract customers, surrounded by single and multi-family residences, and 10 minutes from the center of Chapel Hill.

Location Kirby wanted good visibility, but not the high prices associated that come with frontage along major thoroughfares. “My needs were not unlike any other martial arts academy in that visibility and organic foot traffic are superseded only by cost.” Beacon MMA found its home in Governors Village, complemented by neighboring amenities including a day care, a hair salon, an ABC store, and Food Lion across the street.

“Traditionally, anchor stores are thought to be just that, anchored. In my situation, I actually preferred being “anchor-adjacent.” I still get the benefit of being convenient for those clients who do their grocery shopping here without subjecting them to busier parking lots.”

The Physical Space Beacon MMA is on the endcap of a retail unit with windows on three sides. “With a corner unit and windows on both walls facing the main thoroughfare, I have the visibility I required. And being nestled in a socioeconomically diverse community not only answered my need for organic foot traffic, but also eliminated my need to be well-versed in a market that was unfamiliar to me given my recent move.”

The space is filled up mostly with clean white mats, and provide a live martial arts show for passersby that is particularly spectacular at night!

About Beacon MMA With 120+ years of collective experience, Beacon MMA and their staff of professional martial artists can help you explore and eventually smash through the limits of your potential! Beacon MMA offers programs for Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kids BJJ, Kids Muay Thai, and Summer Camp.

New to MMA? Visit their and schedule a free trial to find a program that’s right for you and/or your loved ones!

Do you need to buy or lease space for your business? Bring your questions to an agent at Bold Commercial Real Estate: 919-883-5502



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