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Even though our office is closed, our agents are still available to show you homes. However, we're changing things up a bit to protect the health of our agents, staff, and most importantly: you.

Bold Real Estate is abiding by the Stay-at-Home Orders issued in the jurisdictions in which we operate. House showings are strongly discouraged while the orders are in effect. When showings must happen, participants shall adhere to the CDC-issued social distancing measures and protocols.

The current governmental orders allow for the following:

  • City of Durham – home showings are limited to persons with an imminent need for housing within the next 60 days.

  • Orange County – home showings are permitted as long as CDC-issued social distancing measures and precautions are followed.

  • Wake County – similar order to Orange County

  • State of North Carolina – for other counties not listed above, the Governor’s order for the state is being followed, which is similar to that of Orange County for real estate activities.

If you're one of the following, please stick to online resources (, email, etc) or reschedule.

  • IF YOU ARE SICK OR EXHIBITING SYMPTOMS. In order to best protect others, we ask that any individual who is exhibiting any signs or symptoms of sickness reschedule your closing appointment.

  • IF YOU HAVE HAD CONTACT WITH SOMEONE EXHIBITING SYMPTOMS. Unfortunately, the best advice from the CDC is to proceed in the same manner as if you were sick.



  • SUFFER FROM A PRE-EXISTING HEALTH CONDITION THAT MAKES YOU PARTICULARLY VULNERABLE TO COVID-19. As hard as we are trying, we simply cannot assure you that we can provide you with a safe or sterile environment and we would strongly advise you not attend a showing.


  • WASH YOUR HANDS. Prior to engaging in any showing, please thoroughly wash and/or sanitize your hands

  • AVOID PHYSICAL CONTACT. Please accept our apologies for not shaking hands and please do not be offended when we decline. We would ask that you respect and do your utmost to observe a 6- foot distance from others during a home showing.

  • WEAR SANITARY GLOVES or MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO AVOID TOUCHING ANY SURFACES. Wearing of face masks and booties is also encouraged. If surfaces are touched, cleaning them with disinfectant may be necessary

  • LEAVE CHILDREN AT HOME. We believe it is nearly impossible to follow social distancing measures and avoid contact with surfaces with children in a home.


Similarly, Bold Real Estate agents shall:

  • PLEDGE TO FOLLOW THE SAME PROTOCOLS IN OUR GUIDELINES TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITIES. With that said, our agents are obviously not health care professionals and they cannot fully control the actions of third parties involved with a showing of a house, so Bold Real Estate can make no assurances that an onsite showing of a listing will be safe or advisable.

  • Wear sanitary gloves during any showing.

  • Maintain a distance of at least six feet from other individuals.

Please note that the above rules should be adhered to in both occupied and vacant homes, as we as a showing or listing firm have no knowledge of when a home was last visited by others, and whether or not they followed social distancing guidelines and sanitary procedures. Bold Real Estate in no way intends to disobey any government order by issuing the above guidelines and shall not be held liable for any person contracting Covid-19 or any other illness, whether these guidelines are or are not followed at one of our listed properties.

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