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BOLD is creating future-focused workspaces for workers and creatives.

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Slowly but surely, the world is opening up in 2021. I don’t know about you, but it’s been lonely! How many Zoom meetings and phone calls can one productively (and joyfully) sustain? How are our authentic connections, relationships both business and personal really growing through a screen?

That said, working from home certainly has had its perks and employers are responding. Many pivots include keeping some of the WFH benefits for employees while transitioning back to shared physical spaces.

As we prepare to go back to the office, BOLD is building innovative workspaces that fit a hybrid model of working from home and at the office. Here are some of the key features we’re building into our spaces at the BOLD Building:

1. Inviting outdoor spaces – Eat your lunch outside, host a casual client meeting, or enjoy greenery and sunlight with a colleague.

In the pandemic, many of us learned to embrace the joys of being outside for work or play. BOLD is making inviting outdoor spaces a priority. Not only will this increase productivity, but access to outdoor spaces also enhances employee well-being. 

This summer, we are working with local landscapers and landscape architects to redesign the greenery and hardscapes. BOLD is where zen vibes meet your professional office environment for maximum quality of work life and productivity. 

2. Flexible workspaces of all sizes – for solopreneurs, to small teams, to 100+ person teams.

Suite 140 – The Executive Suites

Welcome to your safe workplace haven where productivity rules. Designed for the WFH professional that managed (or tried to manage) boundaries between work time and personal time from their home office/kitchen table/bedroom/sofa, this turnkey single private office is for you! Wifi is included. Do you need a mini-suite for you plus an employee or two? We have that, too. While supplies last!

Suite 160 – Small Team Suite

A self-contained suite for you and your small business. Picture two window offices—one for you and one for your partner. Or maybe you have a small team that works on a staggered, hybrid work-from-home schedule! This newly-renovated suite includes its own conference room and reception area so you can welcome clients and close business in a private, professional setting.

Suite 280 – Bring In The Team

Whether you want a bright, large, open floor plan for employees to spread out or a series of individual private offices, the BOLD Building can accommodate your needs. Customize 4,000 to 16,000 square feet and dictate the flow and spacing of your adaptive office use.

3. Open common areas for pods to convene at a safe distance from others.

The modern interior of the BOLD Building is getting a makeover! Two floors of common space provide pods a safe distance from others for your employees to relax or meet clients on cozy, soft sofas and chairs. An informal co-working space on the 2nd floor gives guests and your team bonus space to spread out and get work done.

I’m in the camp of embracing the efficiencies of virtual and remote work that the pandemic has forced us to adapt to; AND finding a happy, safe, middle ground where we can bring back the stickiness of in-person collaboration and relationship-building. What new demands for office space has your business uncovered? Let’s make it happen at the BOLD Building!



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